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Our resveratrol is manufactured with a unique and patented fermentation process resulting in a product with over 98% purity and of uncompromised quality.

Stringent controls and testing ensures that our resveratrol is always manufactured and delivered at a consistently high quality.

Our Resveratrol

Greater than 98% pure resveratrol powder produced by a natural yeast fermentation process. Veri-te™ resveratrol is resveratrol you can trust to deliver a high quality, consistent batch to batch ingredient. Off-white in colour, odourless and tasteless makes it a versatile ingredient for many applications.

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Evolva (U.S.A./R.O.W.): +1.800.250.1032

Evolva (Europe) : +41.61.485.2099

Evolva was founded in 2004 and today has operations worldwide. Based on a strong research foundation, we focus on producing high-value ingredients for use in applications for health, wellness and nutrition. For more information, visit

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